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           HOT CLUB

The Transatlantic Hot Club was formed by Ben Creighton Griffiths (Harp) and Adrien Chevalier (Violin)

They met in 2013 whilst both performing at ‘Journées de la Harpe’ - a harp festival in the French Caribbean islands of Martinique, Guyane, Guadeloupe, St Anne, and St Lucia. The following year they began an annual tradition of performing in Cardiff and have been looking to expand this ever since. They have adopted the Transatlantic Hot Club name for their 2019 shows and beyond.

The Transatlantic Hot Club line-up consists of Adrien and Ben who are often joined by other very talented musicians. This has included Franck Billot (Clarinet - 2013, 2016), Tatiana Eva-Marie (Vocals - 2015, 2016), Ashley John Long (Bass - 2017) Don Sweeney (Bass - 2018), Matheus Prado (Bass - 2018).

For their 2019 UK concert series Adrien and Ben were delighted to be joined by Ashley John Long once again on bass. They were scheduled to play in The Mansion House, Cardiff on Thursday 22nd August, The Fringe Pub, Bristol on Saturday 24th August, Aberjazz Festival, Fishguard on Sunday 25th August in Pepper’s Art Gallery and Bar and Le QuecumBar, London (with Harp Bazaar) on Monday 26th August.




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